Rediscovering our Creative Mind: Digital Arts Drawing and Painting with Viktor

Some of us might think that arts is just for the talented. This book can give you a chance to obtain a skill you thought only talented people can have. With my silhouette and shadow technique, your mind will be artistically stretched.

This book will show you:

- how to use free digital art applications for personal and professional use,

- how to draw and paint subjects without too much scribbling or hatching/crosshatching,

- techniques (not tricks or effects) to project lighting and shading,

- exercises with step-by-step progression pictures and explanations for painting and drawing, and

- a bonus exercise teaching you how to do a poster layout for your school, office, or business needs.

Give yourself the edge by taking the first step to rediscovering your creative mind. This is digital arts 101: a much needed reboot to help you understand digital arts drawing and painting better, starting at the foundation. With a tablet, computer, or phone and a stylus, you are on your way to creating and collecting your artworks. In addition, your best artworks can be printed as many times as needed, whenever you want, without ever losing the quality of your work. I believe my instructional material will give you the skills you will truly appreciate—for personal or business use

--Viktor Rheims

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