Real Men Keep Their Balls in the Truck

This book is a lot like many other books on the topic of what constitutes a man. However, that is not the main focus of the book. More importantly, it is not what constitutes a man but who constitutes a man.

All the self-help books on the subject, psychiatrists and their talk shows, and best friends' sage advice at closing time are all the same—insufficient at best, incorrect at worst.

This book looks to the most authoritative source on who constitutes a man—the Bible. The world uses a sliding scale to define manhood, defining it in whatever terms is most comfortable at the time.

The Bible's definition of a man has not, and will not, ever change because truth is not a piece of silly putty we get to mold into our view of what is no. 1 Dad. This book takes specific passages from the Bible and relates them in a way we, as Christian men, and those that desire to be Christian men, can understand and, most importantly, put into action so that the world may come to understand and believe what the word says. After all, real men are doers, not just hearers.

--David B. Houston

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