Reading Between the Lines

It is no small thing to read the greatest book ever written, for we are left with more questions than answers. Indeed, it is deep waters and hard to see beneath the ripples on the surface, for who can know the mind of God? It is a spiritual book, full of symbolism, a book of dreams and visions, of signs and wonders, where everything has two meanings. The Bible is really two stories. There is an earthly story with a spiritual story woven in, and we will attempt to shed some light on many perplexing questions:

• Why did God make the woman out of man?

• Why was Abel's offering better than Cain's?

• What does seven-fold vengeance mean?

• Why would a loving God flood the earth?

• Who was the mother of Canaan?

• What does Samson's riddle mean?

• How does Jesus turn the water into wine?

• How can a camel go through the eye of a needle?

• What does the alabaster jar of perfume symbolize?

• Why are we told to forgive seventy times seven times?

The answers to these questions and more are found below the surface, for that is where we find the Spirit of God's word--hidden between the lines.

--S.D. Lyle

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