Ramblings of a Sheep Farmer

Ramblings of a Sheep Farmer, by Milissia Owens, is a collection of writings reflecting on daily farm life and friends. The poetry is descriptive of personal friends, pets, or anything that can be seen around the farm. The poem “My Sabrina” is all about her daughter at age nineteen. All poetry is rhyming, some very serious and some humorous. Readers may, laugh, cry, or sit in serious thought while reading this collection.

With the exception of Princess Phoebe, all short stories are true. This is life on her farm. From the sadness of missing a beloved pet to the strange antics of the farm cats, readers will enjoy every word.

A glimpse into the very personality of the author can be clearly seen in this book. Her love of the subjects of this collection of writings is palpable.

This book is sure to bring a smile to your face and happy thoughts, a feel good read.

--Milissia Owens

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