Ramblings: of a Baby Boomer wannabe

The stories in this book are all short. Some of them are pretty funny, some awfully serious, some upbeat and adventurous, while still others are quite sad. There's humor, romance, heartbreak, suspense, and even some career advice. You'll laugh and you might even cry, but most of all, you'll be thoroughly ENTERTAINED. Once you start reading RAMBLINGS, you won't want to put it down. Included are the following:

Growing up in Minnesota and surviving the cold as well as an older brother

Pursuing a first love in the seventh grade (eventually marrying her despite her father's objection)

Crazy and even dangerous adventures with his brother, Jerry (when he said, “Watch this,” there was big trouble ahead). YIKES!

Hot rods and custom cars (and the local police that hated them)

Opening a burger, fries, and malt shop restaurant (and dealing with the Godfather)

Being trapped on a South Dakota ski lift in a raging rain and lightning storm with a new bride.

Raising three sons, lake living, and the garage-band phase

A climb to success in the newspaper industry from rookie twenty-year-old classified advertising sales rep to vice president and director

--Tom Golden

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