Raising Whosoevers to Be the Heart of Our Schools

This is a scriptural- and experienced-based book about how to put much more love, peace, and joy back into your daily family life, yes, even while raising your children. With all the chaos in everyday life of parents and children, we need answers! It is very possible to have more enjoyment more often if you follow God's plan for raising your children. It is simple and not at all difficult. It's straightforward. This is not a book that puts things lightly, and it is not politically correct. This book is strictly God's plan for raising strong, successful, and godly children. Most importantly, it teaches you and your child to see the enemy coming a mile away. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy, and your family and children are his number one concern! There is information in this book about how parents should interact with their children and school staff to have the most success and pleasant academic experience. Some of the topics discussed in the book are about what God says about being a parent, the devil's attacks on the family, discipline at home and how it carries to the schools, and how to be a good example for your children as well as the community without being arrogant or overbearing. God is love and always will be. God should never be portrayed as haughty. Do not follow how to raise your children, by watching your friends, even some of your church friends, or the people who claim to be Christians, if they are not following biblical standards. It is so simple. It is the devil causing confusion and chaos, not God. He is peace, love, and joy. This book will tell you how to have all of this in your family if you really want that for your children.

--Dr. Teena Welborn

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