Raising Engineers

How is it possible for a young boy to face so much tragedy and look into the eyes of evil and

still manage to come out on the other side with only scars? How do you carry the scars and go on to

spend thirty years building a strong marriage and raising the most extraordinary kids? There's only

one answer. This book will take you on an incredible journey through the family and will reveal the

truth of every family's purpose as well as unravel the lies of today's culture. It'll inspire you to look

at your family like you've never seen them before.

Raising Engineers will…

Make you laugh and make you cry but more importantly it'll inspire you to be the best you can

be and bring out the best in your family.

Dispel the myth that only certain families can experience the true happiness that we all search


Guide you along the path to bringing your family together and strengthening your bonds to last

a lifetime.

Reveal the vulnerabilities of every family and the dangers that today's family faces.

Help you raise your children so they grow to experience the full potential of their unique gifts and


--John Charest

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