Radical Emergent Theology: An Evangelical Response

What is Radical Emergent Theology? Who leads it? What does it teach? What are its goals? Why is it so revered by some and so reviled by others? How do evangelical theologians evaluate it? Cambridge scholar Dr. Raymond C. Hundley, after three years of painstaking research, has published a work that clearly and truthfully answers those questions. Hundley has brought to bear his fifty years of experience studying and teaching theology and world religions to the meticulous study of Radical Emergent Theology founder and spokesman Brian D. McLaren's prolific writings.

The result is a readable work that will inform laypeople, students, seminarians, pastors, church leaders, and theologians about McLaren's radical views on: inspiration, conversion, evangelism, missions, heaven and hell, homosexuality, atonement, miracles, evolution, eschatology, his famous “pick-and-choose” exegesis, and much more. This book is destined to become the classic revelation of the methods, beliefs, and goals of Radical Emergent Theology. It will make the choice between this theological revolution and evangelical biblical doctrine crystal clear so that informed readers can make their own decision.

--Raymond C. Hundley, Ph.D.

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