Questions for the Journey

Questions for the Journey came as a result of a passion to know God more fully by exploring questions in the Bible. To my amazement, the questions created space for God to work deeply in my life.

This devotional book by design requires a process for the integration and application of daily Bible reading. I have included that process for devotional reading in the beginning of the book. It is not a Bible study, but a meditative approach that allows God to speak into your life. I discovered this approach after many years of using other methods. After being exposed to the Lectio Divina, I was able to develop something which worked. Devotional times no longer needed to be boring or dutiful but became moments of enjoyment with God.

If your time alone with God has become mundane, I encourage you to try this book. After utilizing this method, I am convinced you will once again enjoy the quiet time with God and embark on a journey of discovery where God brings things to light in your life.

--Alan Gibson

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