Prince Major and the Grumpy Frog

Social norms in our culture oftentimes dictate perfection in the way you look, walk, or talk. Diversity and inclusion initiatives are breaking through a lot of those barriers and revealing that looking, walking, or talking a certain way shouldn't determine an individual's value or worth. Regardless of the age, the pressures to be perfect can dim a bright future and derail an individual's destiny. Prince Major and the Grumpy Frog is a story of an unexpected friendship that inspired both characters to lean on each other for encouragement to face the disappointments and difficulties in life but still survive. Their relationship is based on honesty, truth, and mutual respect, the definition of a true friend. Growing up can be hard. How we think and act as kids is just a part of our development and growth. Our childhood experiences don't determine who you will be as an adult. Good, bad, or indifferent, we each have the responsibility to be good citizens and the best person we can be.

--Doris McNair

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