Powerful Emajen-ation

Using six powerful out-of-this-world, life-applicable stories, Powerful Emajen-ation provides context for the concept of treating others respectfully. Fictional authoritative King Conscience recognizes when his number-one agent needs to intervene in the affairs of earth, especially during school and social events. Each situation requires the agent's intervention to help children imagine themselves in the place of others. This golden collection addresses many aspects of human interaction at fictional All City. Bullying in any form is not tolerated. Self-esteem is encouraged. Peer pressure is exposed. Unhealthy eating habits are challenged. Trashing the environment is shown to be unacceptable. Respect extends to animals, as well as humans. Fictional Agent Emajen riding her white horse, armed with Respect, intervenes to neutralize each situation as it arises. Using imaginative methods, Emajen is able to show, not just tell, how the actions of one person affect many others. Each story is written to be read to young children or read by older.

--Glenda Kuhn

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