Poems for the Heart of God: A Daily Devotional & Spiritual Guide

It seems I am best at expressing my love for the Lord through music and poetry, and so out of that longing came the desire to pen “Poems for the Heart of God.” I wanted to share something that gave me great joy and encouragement, with others. I wanted to write something that would implant a seed and inspire communication with our Master, especially as we begin our day. Oh, how important is a moment with Him before we step out into the fast-paced world we live in today!

“Poems for the Heart of God” is a 366-day (including leap year) devotional with a scripture reading from His word, accompanied by a six-line poem for each day of the year. It is written in a way to receive from Him through scripture and a way to give back to Him in a personal heartfelt way. Each poem was written from my heart to His heart, acknowledging His love and care, as a Good Father, every day of life. Many like to look up their birthdays, their anniversaries, and other special days to see what God may have to say to them on that day. It is a daily seed planter of encouragement for my family and me to help us get off to a good start for the day. I pray it will be the same for you.

--Darrell Hausmann

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