Jerrod Jones has created the world's first true virtual reality where people can work and play as much or as little as they like. Its birth cry was Places—New York, where anyone anywhere in the world can experience all that New York has to offer. Businesses, governments, and people, rich and poor, are all caught up in the excitement as life as they know it turns on a dime. Millions of people begin experiencing virtual life and all that it has to offer, good and bad. The Jarsans are a small family in rural Louisiana that join in on the excitement and soon find their lives in turmoil caused by the dynamics of virtual life. Jerrod is at the helm of Places, trying to balance his life running the world's most captivating business while falling in love with Jenna, the girl of his dreams. She tames the New Orleans playboy, and after an explosive start, their love becomes the one part of their lives that is stable. But life and love as they have been known in the past are now forever changed by the concept of living virtual. Some lives are enhanced while others are destroyed, and in the end, blame is laid at Jerrod's feet.

--Reo Stewart

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