Pieces of Me in Poetry

Life is a carefully, and beautifully, designed structure that our creator—the architect—has put in place in all forms of life in this universe. We are the sum of all its pieces. Life, it's truly a monumental gift given to each one of us. How we choose to use this gift to treat one another is up to us. This book Pieces of Me in Poetry, I hope shows a measure of truth and gratitude. Each poem is preceded by an introduction. Poems speak to the positive relationship, and bond, between parent and child, child and parent, parents, mothers, and even so-called strangers. Topics include self-esteem, pride, love, fulfillment, wisdom, puberty, discipline, optimism, security, and guidance.

Additionally, a poem dedicated to Mother Earth, a picture puzzle poem, and a poem dedicated to all humanity.

--Charlotte Rogers Moore

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