People & Donuts: We Luv 'Em

Tell me something, did your special someone ever fill up the hot tub, put champagne on ice, throw rose petals around the tub, light the candles, and eat donuts, all while on a hot date with you? Check it out! There is another surprise to that romantic date.

You don't want to miss it or any of the other colorful characters and crazy escapades from our donut shop. Laugh out loud and smile while wondering, I think I know that person! Maybe you don't know them personally, but I'll bet you know someone close to it. Oh no, are you getting out that mirror? Ah, really? Did I do that? Did I say that? Oh yeah, so laugh at yourself, and feel good at the same time, knowing you're not the only one like that.

With your feet up, sittin' in your favorite chair, sippin' your favorite drink, sit a spell while we entertain you with fun and a view of humankind at its best. Laughter, we heard, is the best medicine, so why not take a great big dose of it? Dive in, and see if you don't see the special in people as we did. Take that moment, and see that people are as diverse and unique as the different donuts they eat. It's a great big happy family our heavenly Father has given us. We are as quirky as everyone else is. Ya'll just read for yourself to find out just how far quirky will go and how much He has a sense of humor. He has given us a love that is wrapped up in each of us. Life is good, isn't it? So enjoy it. Make someone happy. Spread the happy. Remember to be patient with, and kind, to your local baker. You don't know what colorful character was just ahead of you. God loves ‘em. We luv ‘em. We luv ya'll!

--Penny Crow and Bonnie McConnell

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