Pearls for Life : Fifty Nuggets of Wisdom for all to Live By

Wisdom You Can Apply

Most men and women today are affected by voices of negativity. This down-to-earth, practical book reveals helpful wisdom and insights for thinking about yourself and responding to others. These “pearls” are simple yet profound truths that encourage thought-provoking reflection for life's daily challenges. It is a book written from the heart that has a calming and peaceful impact on the mind and hearts of those who read it.

This little book is a Gem! Each “Pearl” ministered to my heart, and some of them especially repeated in my ear throughout the days following my reading. (Tina Hille)

Duane's “pearls” are simple truths but very profound. They are filled with wisdom and insight, and are excellent words to live by! (Debbie Bumgardner)

This wonderful book gently inspires personal growth for both the young and not so young. It's an invaluable tool in today's world. (Mary Ann Holvenstot)

This book encourages thought-provoking reflection for life's daily challenges. All around good advice for persons of any age. (Anita Crittenden)

--Duane Gardner

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