Order of Protection From God: A Prequel

This book tells the story of: how one's life, simultaneously guided and sustained by God, could still enter, an in-depth journey, with excruciating hardship & trials to face, throughout an unknown period of time.

Mark 1:12, 13

It is the moral climax of depletion; “yet” a story of unyielding faith, that God will have the final say about their life.

In a developing story of one “who proclaims to love Christ, to one who truly walks with Christ,' you will witness!

Meanwhile; multiple phases of hardship are to occur throughout this book. Then the testing of one's character such as - Love, Patience, Courage, Stewardship, Trust, and Communion – together, are the fruit of the spirit that needs tooling in this spiritual quest.

While utilizing the word of God, like others in which you have read about in the Bible, with Parallel similarities, through the main character (Joshua) of this book, matters will take its course. This is the pattern of evidence, for this spiritual tale to be brought forth. Then!!! It can be stated, “God has purified this message, to be used in his perfect Order!

Genesis 50:19, 20

But in the present time of reading, (note) that in this purposeful book no-one knows the time or day, that God would complete his pleasing works. So before reading; I urge you to buckle up in prayer, then pack a light spiritual bag & come join me as a witness, on (A Journey, within a Journey of the Wilderness, page #157) that points to everlasting life. It is the absolute adventure, for the adventurous to cling on to, My Book.


"Order of Protection from God"

-Brother Exavier Rodgers-

--Exavier L. Rodgers

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