Only in Silence A Little Louder

Our author, Jeanne Arensman, is a seventy-nine-year-old mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She has been a widow since 1981 when her husband Don died of cancer. There were eight children to raise—one son and seven daughters. Now was a time for faith and courage.

The journey ahead required strategy, daily attention, patience, discipline, and lots of prayer. Among the noise of life and the screams of silence, everyone was continually challenged. She prayed to survive while remaining faithful to what she believed. She wrote it all down. Only in Silence a Little Louder is for everyone who has walked such a journey.

“As you turn the pages of the book you read, you will smile, you will hurt, you will cry. You will know that I've touched your heart when you no longer need to ask why?”

At the end, there are “No more words. No more sound. They've all been spent. They've all be spent. Did we find any common ground?”

Yes, and we survived!

--Jeanne M. Arensman

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