One Thing Missing

Adopting a child is a magical thing! My parents always made me feel special to be adopted. This story describes a couple's yearning for a child and then their excitement when they learn that there is a special baby just for them! It is told in the same way that my parents shared my adoption story with me every night. Simple. Honest. Special. Loved. Adoption doesn't make you weird; it makes you wonderful.

Waiting for something you want is very hard to do, especially when the thing you desire most is a child. Sometimes God answers prayers with a “Not yet.” This doesn't always mean no . The couple in this book prayed, waited, and then prayed some more! When it was the right time, God said yes.

I hope this little story can help explain the beauty of adoption to children. I hope adoptive parents can identify with the couple in this book and that it might inspire their own special story for their family. I especially hope that when adoptive children hear this story, they will feel that they were the one thing that was missing in their parents' lives.

--Beth Roper Stewart

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