One Step With Jesus Restoration Program; I am my Brother's Keeper: Laying a Biblical Foundation for Mentoring Returning Citizens: Training Guide

A Strictly Biblical Perspective Ministries Inc. has strategically designed a biblical cognitive character-based training curriculum. It is designed to equip pastors, chaplains, and faith-based instructors with insight for preparing reentry volunteers as mentors to be matched with returning citizens upon their release from prison or while incarcerated. The curriculum is designed with six modules to assist faith-based volunteers in developing a biblical perspective into God's fourfold purpose for their lives: relationships, character development, service, and reproduction. The fifth module is designed to address the spiritual warfare that ministry leaders and faith-based volunteers will encounter in mentoring the “returning citizen population.” The final module is designed to assist ministry leaders and faith-based volunteers in understanding how to assist returning citizens in overcoming the effects of alcohol and drug addiction. This course will build the capacity of members within the faith-based community to minister to returning citizens in restoration from crime and addiction. The curriculum is designed to enhance the quality of care to the “ex offender population” by producing spiritually mature mentors walking in close fellowship with God. The curriculum is extremely comprehensive and highly interactive and will assist volunteers in developing a functional understanding of their roles in mentoring returning citizens through the use of scriptures, a series of individual and small group exercises.

--Robert F. Vann

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