On Mission: The Story of a Filipina Missionary’s Journey to Discover God’s Purpose Through Times of Joy and Pain

Though Elsie Reyes Cook has traveled throughout Asia as a missionary, served as a high-profile executive at CBN Asia, while also being sought-after church speaker and counselor-her early beginnings hardly promised such a life of ministry. As a painfully shy, awkward and insecure girl growing up in a humble Philippines provincial household, Elsie often preferred to remain quietly in the shadows. But upon becoming born again, she gradually acquired a boldness that surprised even her. Guided by Romans 8:28 as a life verse, Elsie has experienced amazing “highs” (success in ministry and academia) as well as “lows” (attacks from co-workers and physical attacks while in India). Still, her story is a testimony to the fact that God is sovereign and through it ”all” is able work “all” things for good

--Dr. Elsie Reyes Cook With Todd Cook

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