NOT FAMOUS—JUST BLESSED teaches by example.

Throughout my life, I have overcome many obstacles. I can't say that God put the problems there for me to solve. I can only admit that I turned to Jesus for answers and received blessings and miracles.

My book is written for ordinary people and took sixty-four years to write. It includes everyday experiences that we face as we journey through life. The book tells of the good and bad encounters I confronted with the help of Jesus. It shows how I was taught to lean on Jesus for guidance, advice, and people showing up at just the right time to provide help to keep me going in the right direction.

I began to see a pattern of how Jesus was leading me and showing me how my life was getting better as time passed. The Holy Spirit was giving blessings and miracles to me and told me to write them down. I asked, “Why me?” His answer to me: “I will do this for anyone who will take the time to build a relationship with me, listen to my word, and follow my lead.” (I will add: you must be patient and have faith.)

This book is also for people who want to do better in life, who have traveled the wrong path or been down an unjust road. People who want a new way of life, a new version, a second chance.

While people try their best, oftentimes their heart has been wounded and they can't be reached easily because they hold their hurt inside. I believe if people want help finding their way through hard times, this book can be a tremendous start in the right direction to fulfilling their dreams.

--Carol Lester

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