Nobody's Mulligan

They believed neglecting faith would bring no consequences. Let the term ‘Holy War' be forever redefined.

You are cordially invited to stroll the streets of a modern-day “Mayberry” that has lost its way, unaware of its role in a global apocalyptic future. Each step away from the faith was the equivalent of a blind sprint towards disaster, and for the people of Grace's Parrish this resulted in being designated as the point Satan chose to breach and ignite an inextinguishable hell on earth! With death and time confiscated, the tormented citizens surrendered the one they treated as an outcast to relieve their anguish. Those who believe their life includes more than their fair share of transgressors will easily identify with protagonist Margaret Sullivan. This modern-day Joan of Arc epitomizes fighting empty-handed is not synonymous with being unarmed, and when the smoke clears, the price is heavy.

Nobody's Mulligan is a call to self-inventory with eternity at stake. Accentuated with the divinity of forgiveness, Nobody's Mulligan culminates with a robust “What if?” question ripe for insertion into present day discussion.

Escalating depravities are the ravenous moths devouring the Christian fibers of our American quilt and this plague has but one remedy. Nobody's Mulligan is a compelling proclamation that ‘turning the other cheek' is not an invitation to the sinister and silences “Fifty Shades of Gray” with a single shade of pray. A feel-great-fiction certain to reverberate through the Christian faith and into ancillary sects of Irish, conservative, women's empowerment, family saga, and dramatic thriller enthusiasts. Bon appetit!

--Brian Holt

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