No More Sackcloth and Ashes for Joy Cometh in the Morning: Learning to Get Through the Trials of Life in a Positive Way

Life is full of ups and downs for all of us. This is no different for Kate Dahl and her family. Her parents had a rocky marriage, which led to heartache and worry in her young life. She went away to college on her own with all the worries and fear that come with it. Next, with three days' notice, she got a job teaching school, and off she went to start this adventure with much trepidation and worry.

This turned out to be a great blessing as she met and married her husband, Kent, during this time. For the next thirty-seven years, their lives have been full of much joy as they laughed and played together with their five children, and now with their fifteen grandchildren. There have also been moments of such devastation that moving forward in a positive way was incredibly difficult.

There was a fire, a tornado and unimaginable loss along the way. All of these hard things made Kate feel as though there would never be joy again in her life. This is her story of how she used her faith to keep pressing forward and, after years of struggle, feel true joy again.

--Kate Groves Dahl

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