Near Misses

How does a man with a quiet demeanor, a sense of humor, loyalty to a fault, and a modest opinion of himself such as Nelson Edward Jacobs (Jake) survive being a dive bomber during the horrific World War in the Pacific? How does a man who had experienced so much emotional pain in his life remain so good?  is book tells Jake's story beginning with him unexpectedly joining the US Armed Forces at age nineteen like so many young men do, to get away from home! Chronologically, Jake encountered being a China Marine, a dive bomb pilot, an army officer, and consultant for Boeing all while he tried to manage some harsh setbacks in his personal life. It shares with the reader Jake's contentment and strength in the military as well as his inability to fi nd the right woman. It gives the inside

stories of a man who, especially at the end of his life, should have been celebrated and embraced not victimized through exploitation. Near Misses is a historically correct memoir told in a way that the reader cannot stop reading from Jake's fi rst love in Arkansas to the greatest emotional tragedy of his lifeā€”his last days.

--Kerry Jacobs

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