My Vietnam Story and Service in the United States Marines

“My Vietnam Story” is an impressive account of one man's experiences and accomplishments during the Vietnam War. It details many battles, conflicts, missions, and patrols during a 13 month period of 1968 and 1969 at a time when the Vietnam conflict was in full scale force.

This year of 2019 is the fiftieth anniversary of one of the most memorable and well-known battles during the conflict in Vietnam. For the purpose of My Vietnam Story, it has been named The Memorial Day Battle of 1969. Donald's platoon had strategically planned their pursuit for the expected conflict, then surprisingly the mission turned into a major battle with over 250 North Vietnamese Army soldiers and 12 Viet Cong compared to his 42 man platoon. Although there were many losses of comrades, the platoon defeated the enemy forces and the mission was a success.

This book includes stories of many other battles and missions, also other experiences of interest concerning the daily struggles of the troops while serving our country. It includes personal facts and observations of the people caught up in the ravages of war. The successes and accomplishments are acknowledged, the sadness of war is told with deep feelings, and gratitude is expressed for the troops who survived the conflict. Compassion will forever be felt for those whose lives were lost during the devastation of war.

--Donald Jack Wright

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