My Two Wives: A Love Story

This is a story that illustrates the wonder, richness and incredible wealth that is the fruit of a Christ centered and Christ blessed marriage. A story about the goodness of God lavished on one man in two successive marriages with two intelligent, capable, beautiful, and yes sexy, wives who loved him more than can ever be fully told. A story which proves that you are never too old to love richly and completely; that evidences the goodness of God in the land of the living (Psalm 27), illustrating the principals for experiencing that goodness in your own marriage. The Rev. Rick Mensing writes: ‘Pastor Erwin (Ob) Spruth illustrates... in his book the depth of his understanding of God's love in Jesus Christ, the real life adventure and wonder of living in response to this love. The challenges and fulfillment of living out this kind of love in a marriage relationship, is sure to infiltrate the soul heart and mind of the reader.

--Erwin L. Spruth

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