My Thoughts of Life Poems

The objective gestures of Gil McGill's My Thoughts of Life Poetic Poems brings warmth and sense of well-being to people as they read, especially when reading about falling, “In Out of Love” and “Cultural Diversity.” The expression of concerns when speaking of his “Sister,” “Brother,” and “Be the Son Man” is by far astounding because of the loves and misses their presence in life. Readers will form visions and self-reflection as they read poetic poems.

McGill is a master of using words that create visuals in your mind. “Wildstars” is a great representation of that one who has the ability to bestow thinking patterns in a person's mind. The readers are sure to agree as they read the passion-filled literary or poetic works. With so many different interpretations concerning life, it is unsure to be amazingly enjoyable reading experiences.

--Gil Gilbert

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