My Best Friend

There are no better memories than those we create with our special little ones. These memories are the most valuable treasure we pass down through the generations.

Imagine your child sharing the My Best Friend they created with their own child. Imagine them sharing the joy, love, and fun you had as you read, laughed, and illustrated this little book.

The first My Best Friend was done with my granddaughter over twenty years ago. It still fills my heart to bursting every time I turn the pages. It's pure joy to have that little one back, if only for an instant. That experience made me want to share this little book with you.

It's simple and fun. You will be able to show the child's name as the illustrator and the date it was done. Then you read the poem or have the child read the poem on the left page, then they illustrate what they heard on the right page. There is also an About the Illustrator page that allows you to tell about him/her at that time. Could it be any easier or any more fun?

Don't miss the opportunity to take a few minutes now to create a treasure for the future. Create a treasure for the generations to come.

--Patricia Thomas

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