Mostly on Sunday

In a grade school classroom, furnished sparingly with a potbellied stove and several pull-down maps, and long before smart phones and Google, Lila and Violet discovered that they could communicate silently across the Ethernet with no notes or wires needed. Lila, bright and earnest, lived by the book and was held in place by earth's magnetic spin while Violet, with her captivating smile, soared among the stars. They completed each other and together made a whole guidance system; their relationship of the heart, mind, and spirit was a forever bond. Violet's family life was filled with many unusual events that Lila knew were extraordinary for the time. And in order to solve life's problems, the two often hiked up to Caleb's Lookout, mostly on Sunday, just like their Pennsylvania ancestors.

As their lives moved on, the two ladies moved apart, but the distance did not quench the spot in their hearts where the other one nestled. Every now and then, even with busy lives of their own, they managed a reunion, and Lila especially wanted to solve some childhood events that were never clearly defined for her. And Vinnie, always on the fringe, played his part by providing a whiff of romance and lending an arm of support when needed. In their search for answers, several other valley ladies were drawn into the vortex, revealing a life rich with possibilities, waiting to be acknowledged by the community at large. Even now, with Violet's life-threatening illness, the two women hold fast to a relationship forged over forty years ago when they were barefoot and innocent.

--Sarah Johnston

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