Moments with Maggie

Meet Maggie, modern society's idea of a

Liberated woman

- is her husband's successful business partner

- becomes single and juggles several part-time positions

- contributes to civic organizations

- grows organic vegetables

Super mom

- believes in natural childbirth at home

- leaves her children in a top-quality daycare center

- relocates for her children's sake

- becomes a stepmom

As you read about each aspect of Maggie's life, you will discover the

truth of these words from Ecclesiastes 1:9 & 10

“What has been will be again,

what has been done will be done again;

there is nothing new under the sun.

Is there anything of which one can say,

Look! This is something new!

It was here already, long ago;

It was here before our time.”

Maggie lived 100 years ago.

These stories are true, told in her words.

--Patricia Ann Haveman

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