Memories and Other Tales

Two of the stories, “Memories” and “Schooltime,” are about the trials and tribulations of his youth back in mid to late 50's and early 60's. These were the days of the first telephones coming to rural areas and black-and-white TVs always housed in terribly heavy consoles. They had tubes in them at the time that would burn out constantly. The antennas on the rooftops would generally bring in around three stations, which could be watched without excessive graininess. Because of their vast weight, a repairman had to be summoned each time a tube went out. If it wasn't this, it would be network problems, which caused the screens to roll for an indeterminable periods of time. Everything was much different at that time.

The highly awaited telephones were vastly different from the ones we know today. They called them party lines at the time which meant there could be a handful of different households on each line. This meant every phone had a different ring; such as two shorts or one long, etc, It also meant anyone could eavesdrop whenever they wanted which was called rubbering in. As you can see nothing of any importance was ever discussed on them. And how would you like to go without A/C? At that time, it just didn't exist, in anything! At least where we lived.

The other story, “Flat Tires,” was rescued from the recesses of his mind, for the salvation of all mankind!.

--Kenneth Backer

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