MEDITATIONS FOR COPS: Reflective Thoughts for Those in Law Enforcement

Meditations for Cops are contemplations that focus on the world of law enforcement. That world is unique; distinctly beyond the ordinary; and one vocational world that few complete totally fulfilled and without some regrets. Cops see much, experience much, and tend to carry too much baggage over the course of their careers. In a sense, they have no choice. Their world is one with many indelible images and memories. As a result, they too need nurturing, even when they don't think so, and they can always benefit from viable, supportive voices that infuse positive steerage in matters secular and sacred. These reflections address both for the specialized world of law enforcement.

These thoughts speak to an officer's personal life, to one's emotional and spiritual mind-set, to issues and colleagues, to sensitive matters, to integrity, to how one copes with hard experiences, to how God fits the big picture, and to many more perspectives. Some hit rather hard, chip away at ego, ask for transparency and honesty, and some speak frankly about enhanced risks; still others call for recognition of God, His standards, and His strength in the fulfillment of this calling.

Most of all, these meditations seek to bring out the highest and best in those who don the uniform, who wear the badge, and who bravely and faithfully serve as cops. To those of us who know, you who carry out your calling in this way are highly respected and rightfully honored.

--Arnold Rubey

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