Max T. Booker

Max is finally out of school for the summer and is looking forward to hanging out with his dog, Dash. The two are planning on spending the entire school break with Billy, Max's best friend, and Waldo, Billy's dog. The boys are working together to win the Carmenville Fourth of July Bicycle Parade. They have a good chance of winning this year, but it might require cooperating with Max's older sister Maggie and keeping their other dog friends out of trouble!

No matter what problems the group may encounter, Max tries to overcome them and remain focused on winning. This would be easier to do if everyone knew what his super-secret was, but neither he (nor Dash) can tell anyone! As the season comes and goes, not even his closest friends and family can envision all the ups and downs that Max, Dash, and the gang may go through!

--Pat Moon

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