Marriage For Life

The purpose of our story is to show how one relationship can lead to a fulfilled life that can include adventure and raising a family as well. Our lives were blessed due to devotion to each other and always returning to the basics. Money was never an issue or concern because we always had a goal of reaching the latter years with the assurance that we would never have to be a burden to our children.

To start life together means setting realistic goals from the beginning, including preparing for careers that would be fulfilling as well as providing for the future. Keeping a positive attitude through life can be a major attribute that must be cultivated to best keep on a path that leads to a fruitful ending and must include a devotion to God daily.

Keeping active and developing daily routines that include social and personal health should be included as part of daily and weekly routines. Square dancing and camping were activities that kept us active and contributed to a healthy lifestyle.

Raising children must be planned with the goal of ensuring development of productive individuals, but perfection must not be instilled in individuals that have a unique personality, recognizing that what is expected may not be a fruitful goal on your part.

Our story is not a perfect example but is offered, not to help develop how a couple should pattern their marriage but offer an insight that worked for us.

--Kenneth Alford

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