Manifesting Your True Self : How Contemplative Christian Practices Can Transform Individuals and Their World

This book is a synthesis of the current thinking on contemplation and spirituality and is not meant to be a “how to” guide on practices such as meditation. Rather, the author addresses the question “Why would a Christian who regularly attends church, or those currently not practicing their faith, integrate contemplative practices into their daily lives?”

The term religion essentially means “realignment,” but what should be realigned in order to bring a new perspective into our lives? Does organized religion help to transform and thus realign parishioners into the people God wants them to be?

The author suggests that churches today need to do more to bring about this transformation, and attempts to develop a logical argument for progressing beyond the religious experiences most of us grew up with. This progression should result in a more complete understanding of the Gospel message and illustrate how this message might apply in today's ever-changing world.

--Kenneth J. Martinelli

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