Mamma Mia I'm Pregnant

The screaming and yelling was intense. There were slammed doors, broken TVs, broken dishes. There was love, there was kindness. There was forgiveness. Mamma Mia, I'm Pregnant is the story of an overweight, beautiful young Italian girl (one of six) who grows up in an extremely strict household. She has a father who has a volatile temper and demands everything his way. Her mother is a subservient Italian wife but adheres so strongly to the demands of her husband that she unknowingly neglects the attention, guidance, and emotion her daughters so desperately crave.

Maria finds herself compensating for the lack of her mother's attention by overeating and becomes fat. As she grows up in this sheltered, rigid environment created by her father, she often wonders and is curious about other households, cultures. She then loses weight in her early teens and is overwhelmed by the amount of male attention she is now getting. She does not know how to handle it. She becomes defiant, disobedient, and stubborn. She is forbidden from dating certain male prospects but doesn't listen. Maria becomes a statistic. She becomes a pregnant teenager.

This is a book of stories and challenges she faced while trying to raise a baby, toddler, and young man (one and the same), as well as herself after teenage marriage/divorce while embarking upon young adulthood. She had to live the consequences of decisions/choices she made as a young adult. This book reveals some of those stories.

--Maria Anania Brinkman

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