Magic in Mauve

Monique, an American fashion reporter; Princess Zorina ; and Alison, an Irish fashion designer, lead very different lives. Monique designs the perfect skirt for her wedding, Zorina's love is forbidden, and Alison's star rises in Paris.

But when Monique donates her skirt to Goodwill, she sets it on a journey that will change all their lives forever. In her attempts to retrieve the skirt, she encounters other women who convince her the skirt has magical properties. But can the skirt bring Tahir and Zorina together? Can Alison salvage her relationship and her career? Will getting the skirt back bring Monique the luck she craves? Or does Magic in Mauve have something else in store for them?


Magic in Mauve combines the innocent charm of an old-fashioned clean romance with a modern outlook toward cultural differences, sexuality, and feminine empowerment.


For the fans of interwoven stories spanning distance and time, such as Love Actually by Richard Curtis and The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan.

--Nonna Gerikh

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