Lukas Yates and the Roses

Lukas Yates comes to the aid of the families of Herbert and Brandon Rose crossing the plains of Texas. After Brandon Rose is killed by Indians Lukas rescues Shawnee Rose and her daughter Connie. Trying to locate Herbert and Elsa Rose who have Shawnee's son and wagon, they miss each other on the trail when Herbert and Elsa leave the trail with their sick daughter Abigail. Agreeing to meet at Fort Bascom, New Mexico, they continue to the fort. Lukas, Shawnee and Connie arrive there before Herbert, Elsa and the remaining children. Lukas and Shawnee develop a liking for each other while traveling together. They have the obstacle of the resent loss of her husband and Herbert and Elsa intervention to overcome. Lukas considers leaving the families to go on his own. Having promised that he would stay with them till Colorado, he continues to help Herbert in search of land. While searching Lukas finds a rancher, Erin Roberts who lost his family to Indians and was alone on his ranch. Finding Erin, too sick to stand Lukas does what he can to help him, but needs more help so he fetched Shawnee to Erin's ranch where she nurses him back to health. After Herbert arrives with the rest of the families and wagons, Erin helps Herbert get some property he holds title to and off ers Lukas a partnership in his ranch.

--Lowell F Volk

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