Love, Loss, Adventure & Triumph

The “good girl” ran from the dysfunctional family as soon as she was old enough and for thirty years climbed the corporate ladder and shied away from commitment. One day, she began to look out her Houston high-rise office window dreaming of an adventure.

She stepped off the ledge and gave her two-week's notice and then ran off to Europe with her sister to hike five hundred miles across Spain with a heavy backpack.

On the trail, she connects with her anger and stands up for herself for the first time and also finally comes to terms with not ever having a child of her own.

After one week of being on the trail, she meets the love her life, and he later woos her into selling it all and joining him in Norway. His steel blue eyes and larger-than-life personality would take her on an extraordinary journey.

--Kelley Julz

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