Lost and Found: A novel of hope for thoughtful parents and educators who are grappling with the intellectual and moral decay of America’s schools

Although an upbeat and positive novel, this book has a timeless message: during part of the nineteenth century and throughout the entire twentieth century, a perceptible shift of values occurred in the West, particularly in the United States. This shift has created a present-day tragic intellectual and moral crisis for all of us, especially our children.

This book takes us on a journey to recover research-based, time-tested, and powerful teaching and learning principles. While on the journey, our hero teachers, Jack Edwards and Emily Lopez, explore why our schools have lost these proven principles of teaching and learning. And in the process, they find those principles that must be restored in order for children to thrive intellectually and morally in our educational systems.

--R. Wayne Shute - Jonathan W. Shute

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