Lord, I Need You: Daily Devotions for the Christian Educator

For Christian educators who desire to hear God's voice specifically addressing their daily work, this daily devotional offers inspiration, challenge, and encouragement to help live out their call from a biblical, God-centered focus. Whether teaching in a private or public school or homeschooling children, a Christian teacher can benefit by a daily orientation to the call of God on his/her life as an educator. Each day's offering inspires, challenges, and encourages teachers to continue in the calling God has placed on their life to educate and facilitate spiritual growth in their own professional and personal life and in the lives of their students. Each month is planned according to the rhythms of a traditional school year: August focuses on preparing for the school year, and September addresses new beginnings and getting to know their students, for example. Each week is themed to have a specific focus that reflects the events of a typical school calendar. Written as God speaking to His children, each day's message begins with focused scriptures for the week, then addresses common challenges in the daily life of a teacher. The format asks educators essential questions at the beginning of each unit, with scriptures aligned to that unit's theme. Each unit offers a collection of short, inspirational devotionals ending with reflection questions designed to reinforce the principles found in God's Word.

--Deborah Miller

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