Looking for a Window

Canyon has turned his back on God, who had slammed a door shut on his life when his twelve-year-old sister died. Two months later, although still reeling from the tragedy, Canyon is finally ready to give God a chance to take his sorrow and comfort him. Minutes after making that decision, he's wrongfully accused of the murder of a police sergeant in his southern California hometown of Spearpointe and eventually finds himself living as a fugitive in northern California.

In the small northern California town of Ackerley, Marlin Armstrong, a lieutenant on the police force, is still grieving from the death of his wife two years earlier. His older daughter, Ashlyn, has a propensity to pick up hitchhikers and help out down-on-their luck homeless animals and people. The separate arrivals of two strangers—Kaylie and, Ashlyn's latest “project,” Tanek—raise doubts, suspicions, and questions that seem at first to be impossible to find answers to.

They come together in a series of events that leads Canyon on a journey of loss and redemption, happiness and sorrow, and anger and forgiveness that affects not only him but also all those he comes into contact with. Any logical paths that he tries to follow only result in more closed doors. Will Canyon finally restore his trust in God and climb through the window that God opened for him, the one that appears to lead to being convicted of a series of brutal murders he did not commit?

--Michelle Grogan

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