Living with Diabetes : Divine Healing Through Faith

As the topic of diabetes continues to sweep the news cycle, Ampofoh is determined to raise awareness about the disease and help people take control of their health. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of twenty-eight.

During her long period of nursing career, the author took care of many elderly diabetic patients, including family members. Living with Diabetes is a comprehensive health guide allowing diabetic patients and their caretakers to make healthier and more informed decisions about how to handle the disease and achieve optimum results. To achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, Ampofoh added that self-management of diabetes is imperative. She said, “Just because you've been diagnosed with diabetes does not mean your life cannot be a wonderful and exciting journey.”

Read more to discover insights to topics such as coping mechanisms and motivation.

I began to share my story dealing with diabetes after my abrupt retirement as a motivational speaker in some local churches and fitness centers. The beginning of my routine exercises was not easy, especially after my spinal injury. I have been walking one hour or more a day for some time now. I have faith to carry me through the storm. I enjoy walking most of the time by myself; and now that I am losing weight, there is no way I will look back. Walking is free, and it is my daily routine that powers me to control and maintain my blood glucose level. My weight is stable, and I follow my diabetic diet plan carefully, with proper medical supervision. I have been blessed to write some articles in some local newspapers and journals, sharing my views on subjects related to health and life in general. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to share my story, Living with Diabetes: Divine Healing Through Faith, with my wonderful audience.

--Grace Atea Ampofoh

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