Living with a Brain Trauma Patient

Life changed completely in a heartbeat.

Frank had a massive brain hemorrhage; the diagnosis was terminal.

In the emergency department, the doctor told me that she could try to save him by transporting him; there might be a way that they could drill into his head and relieve the pressure and save his life. His chances of survival were 2 percent. If he survived, he would be paralyzed and blind but alive.

Frank's living will stated “NR,” and I was finding it very hard to decide what to do. I told the doctor to ask Frank what he wanted them to do. Frank said, “No transporting.”

The doctor said to me, “What are you going to do? You have to decide now!”

I said, “I'm going to pray about it, and leave it in God's hands. God's will be done."

I pray that this book will help someone understand what their life might be like if they take care of a brain trauma patient.

Hold on to your hat, this is going to be a bumpy ride with Frankie and Foxy!

--Diane L. Lopez

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