Little Piggy

A story about a turtle named Little Piggy. Little Piggy is the much-loved pet of a little girl named Maggie. Maggie chose the turtle's name because of its voracious appetite—she'll eat just about anything—and Maggie paints that name on the turtle's shell in her favorite frosty pink nail polish. Life is good for Little Piggy living in Maggie's mother's garden, but when a pair of mischievous raccoons penetrate the garden fence, she narrowly escapes with her life.

Sad to leave home but knowing she's not safe here anymore, Little Piggy finds that even a small neighborhood can seem as big and scary as the whole wide world when you're lost and alone. Hungry and afraid, she seeks out other turtles to find food and safety, thinking others of her kind will be her best chance for survival. But they refuse to help and just laugh at her because of the pink letters on her shell.

Dejected and homesick but not giving up, Little Piggy finds that her newfound acquaintances—a deer, a chipmunk, and a blue jay—are really her true friends. Together, they find adventure, face danger and adversity, and cross the dreaded road. Through many trying situations, Little Piggy learns that the very thing that makes her different may be the only thing that can save her life, get her back home, and reunite her with her beloved, adopted family.

--Laurel Kuenzler

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