Life Lived Lessons Learned

This book is a compilation of true stories I have written throughout my life that have taught me the biggest life lessons. Since I was a senior in high school and took a creative writing class, I realized that for me, writing is an outlet, a way to express my innermost thoughts, away to process things I have gone through, and a way to express my love and gratitude for some amazing people who have helped form me into the woman I am today. As with every one of you, my life has had its twists and turns,ups and downs, losses and gains. My hope with sharing these stories is to show one person that they aren't alone,to make one person rethink a choice they have made, to let one person learn from my mistakes, my pains, and my triumphs. God gave me this amazing gift of writing, and I want to use it in any way I can to give glory to Him. I hope that you enjoy reading pages of my life and will share it with someone else along the way.

--Rachael Banner

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