Life Happens: Enjoy the Ride

Life Happens—Enjoy the ride.

Life Happens is full of impactful moments that shaped the life of one woman. She has experienced the loss of family, friends, and her own childhood memories. She will take you on a journey through her life experiences and share what she learned along the way. She shares her greatest joys and her struggles through her most traumatic experiences. There were times she felt God was over estimating how much she could handle, but she never lost her faith. She did stray away from God; there were times she even ran away, but deep down she always felt his presence in her life.

You will get to know Tonya Strahan as you enjoy the ride—the ride she calls Life. She lived a life that was normal to her, but as she grew, she realized that life could be better. She learned that although struggles may come her way, how she reacted to it was the key to happiness. She has lived, experienced, and overcame with faith, hope, and love. She hopes her reflections, throughout her life, inspire and encourage you to press on and fight the good fight with faith and more self-love.

Being misunderstood drove her to try harder, to be better for those around her until she realized it's not about them. It's not about how others perceive you or what they think about you. They can think you're a purple polka-dotted dinosaur, but it doesn't make you a purple polka-dotted dinosaur. She had to learn that the hard way, but in the end, she learned to love others where they are, but most importantly, to love herself. That is the key to learning how to enjoy the ride.

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--Tonya Strahan

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