Life and Times of Jeb Ratliff: Dakota Storm

Jeb Ratliff was raised with strong Christian values but was thrust into the middle of the bloodiest war in our history. Winners write history and their explanations oftentimes stray from the actual facts. He was raised knowing that slavery was an abomination but chose to fight for the South as many Southern men and women did. After the war, many survivors headed west and, in doing so, helped to settle a new land. Their character was exactly what was needed at the time, hard men for a hard and unforgiving land. Sadly, there was someone there before them though, and these brave people did not want to leave their homes nor be told how to live their lives either. How would the storm of the century be remembered? Find out through the eyes of one of these men. In lieu of his dreams and driven by his passion for passing knowledge along to future generations, the author paints us an epic reminder of the true reasons behind our war-rich history and why the wars of today are nothing more than a continuance of a war from long ago.

--Jimmy Crisp

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