Letters of the Heart: Blessings of Instinctive Humanitarianism

What would you do? Remember the popular ABC-TV episodes! This book begs the same question. Employing instinctive humanitarianism as a modus operandi is the challenge. At the core of instinctive humanitarianism is goodwill, benevolence, humaneness, righteousness, and Godliness—doing the right thing!

As God-fearing creatures, what are the most meaningful aspects of this book? In contentious or toxic circumstances, we are challenged to do the right thing, to do the Godly thing, or more importantly, to exhibit “instinctive humanitarianism.” Vacillation, equivocation, or inaction are not acceptable choices!

This book is indeed unique. It is a touching story told through a series of letters—letters exchanged across racial lines! The three characters are a homemaker, her housekeeper, and the lad who took care of her yard. The bond among these three began in the 1950s and was never broken. It grew stronger and more mature over time. In fact, the bond traverses two eras in American History—Jim Crow and Civil Rights.

This book is wonderful reading for an exercise in redemption. It is also an excellent resource for classes.

--Leo McGee

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